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Basement floor drains in homes help with removing water from central air conditioning washing machines and water heaters. When the trap is dry sewer gases flow from the outside to the inside of your home.

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While it might seem counter-intuitive when faced with a clog dumping one or two more gallons of water down the drain might do the trick to get things moving again.

Basement drain clog. In fact main drain line clogs cause 99 of floor drain backups. But as time goes in the debris that builds up is enough to clog your floor drain. But sometimes the clog is deep in the drainpipe and requires more work and extra-powerful tools to root out.

This can damage any belongings stored in your basement and water damage elsewhere. Here at Boss Plumbing we regularly find a basement floor drain clogged due to root infiltration from a tree or bush. I rented a sewer snake from Home Depot and cleared the clogged drain.

Unscrew the drain cover using a screwdriver. When water is backing up out of your floor drain the causes are many. However if the drain clogs up it can cause water to back up and flood everywhere.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unclog Your Basement Floor Drain. Clogged drains are always a hassle but some like a plugged P-trap under the sink or a stopped-up toilet requires only a wrench a plunger and a little elbow grease to unclog. What Causes a Smelly or Clogged Basement Drain.

A basement floor drain can clog due to water flow issues as well. A minor clog should clear after a few strong pumps with a plunger. In order to unclog basement floor drain you need to find the actual clog.

To unclog a basement floor drain snake the drain using a drain auger or use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to break down the clog. Drain pipes need a place to drain and if the line is physically blocked water will pool in the. These everyday clogs are often the result of improper items getting flushed down the drains.

The Use of Basement Floor Drains. This should force out built up debris in your pipe and hopefully clear away your clog. Why Is Your Basement Floors Drain Backing Up.

Try Baking Soda and Vinegar. That can mean a rainstorm has surcharged the drain system or even the public sewer system. To unclog the basement floor drain is easier than you think if you have the right tool.

In some cases if the concrete floor or tiles are covering it you may need to chisel the floor to get to the screws. Even if your homes sewer line has the smallest of cracks roots can find their way inside and continue to grow eventually causing a line breakage or blockage. It is ordinarily short white pipe about.

If you have access to an auger enter it into the nearest drain which is usually located on your basement floor. Because the basement floor drain is the lowest opening in the homes drainage system sewage and water coming up from the basement floor drain backup is a sign that your home has a main sewer line clog. A basement drain that smells like sewer gas usually means that the basement drain trap is dry.

A common approach to draining water away from a foundation is the footing drain which is installed when a houses foundation is first constructed. How to Clear a Basement Floor Drain Clog. Heres what to do.

Hair and household gunk commonly cause clogged basement drains that interrupt the drain-to-sewer connection. Look through the hole inside the. As such it might cause flooding in your own home.

Check out your basement first. Liquids always take the path of least resistance. Once you have reached the clog turn the power on to break up the clog.

Start by pouring a pot of boiling hot water down. There needs to be a certain amount of liquid to enable proper water flow in and out so when these get backed up they can lead to clogged basement drains. After you place the auger into the basement drain guide it until it reaches the sewer clog.

This should clear the clog and get your water flowing again. The three most common signs of a clogged drain are standing water around the top of the drain and a foul sewer smell in the basement and water draining slower than normal. A flat spot or a dip can occur in the main drainage line as the ground settles around your piping.

You will eventually find your cleanout sewer line. When you notice that your drain is clogged look for the cleanout sewer line. If you discover your basement floor drain is clogged its important to clear the blockage immediately to reduce the risks of flooding.

Alternatively you can use a drain cleaning bladder connected to a garden hose to shoot water into the clog and break it down. Signs You Have A Floor Drain Clog. How to unclog a drain tips from the family handyman basement floor doityourself com repair drains unclogging clear any clogged laundry room flooring replacement missing cleanout plugs in old backs up when toilet is flushed reviewer.

A drain line clog anywhere in the house may cause basement floor flooding because wastewater seeks the lowest point where it can escape. The footing drain rests just outside the foundation and most often consists of a thick. Sometimes baking soda and vinegar can unclog a drain if the blockage isnt especially stubborn.

If you have an hour or so that you dont mind spending getting your hands dirty you can remove a clog or blockage from your basement floor drain using a cable. A puddle of water near the drain means there is a clog. It typically means the house drain under your basement floor is full of water.

Footing drains clog up over time even when a filter fabric has been installed to keep out finer particles. Pour a bucket of boiling water down the drain being careful not to spill any near the opening where you just placed the bottle. Locating the area of blockage can be tricky but necessary to successfully unclog the drain.

If this is the case your pipe will need to be replaced to resolve the clog. Water is supposed to always remain at the bottom of the trapthe same as with all other drain traps in your home. A basement floor drain removes standing water and any floodwater from below your house.

Several things clog a basement floor drain such as tree roots hair toilet paper sanitary napkins grease chemical cleaners and other objectionable objects. What can I use to unclog basement floor drain. If you cannot find it there then check out the yard.

It is a very traumatic experience for everyone which is why you will need to do everything. Place the plunger cup so it completely covers the drain opening and then go for it. A main line clog can be in the house drain house trap or house sewer.

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