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ZODIAC 2007 The Basement Scene – The Cinema Fix Zodiac was a slow burner experience for me just as I like my thrillers to be. This of course is a personal thought but I think the whole purpose of the basement scene is to provoke the thoughts that youre currently thinking about so its doing its job really well from what Ive gathered.

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It shows off Graysmiths heightened level of anxiety and paranoia as he gets further immersed in the mystery.

Basement scene in zodiac. Fincher movies have a lot of remarkable scenes so its a tough choice overall but out of these choices Id go with Zodiacs basement scene. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Its a scene which has a lot of purpose in the story.

When Jake Gyllenhaals character Robert Graysmith is in. The scene is first encountered in one of Robert Graysmiths books about the case. It was difficult to choose just one scene from the film but I believe this basement scene perfectly highlights the films theme of paranoia and obsession.

Technically we still dont know who the Zodiac killer is and David Fincher did a great job at portraying this confusion and uncertainty by using the basement scene. Did the basement scene happen in real life. Paramount The basement scene in Zodiac hands down.

10 votes 14 comments. Its not the strongest stand-alone scene but in context its absolutely incredible. 586k members in the ZodiacKiller community.

The set for the infamous basement scene was inspired by Dermot Mulroneys real-life basement with the production team recreating. If you havent seen the film I highly reccomend watching it. Robert Graysmith Jake Gyllenhaal is investigating a tip given.

I took it to mean that that guy who is showing the posters is Vaughnpotential Zodiac bc he says something about writing the posters all himself. The scene from Zodiac i am analysing is the basement scene where Graysmith meets up with Bob Vaughn who knows one of their main suspects for the Zodiac murders Rick Marshall. Most simply the basement scene is a signature Fincher adrenaline rusha moment buttressed by years of intensive research attention to accuracy and last-minute studio foresight.

Everything that leads up to it and the ambiguity it introduces just when things start to look resolved is just perfect. The sheer realism of that murder scene makes me feel uneasy every time I see it. The basement scene about Vaughn is kind of not about Vaughn.

The basement scene like the whole film is built on the notion that Arthur Leigh Allen was Zodiac. Great ending to a great film. Amusingly so the slow burn took its fair share of time till it caught on to me almost as a fever and that too in the second viewing.

I breakdown the basement scene from David Finchers ZodiacSceneoftheWeek About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy. Fincher instead allows Bob Vaughn to lead a terrifyingly suspenseful scene the one in his basement to completely throw the audience off track just as simply as Graysmith is. To be honest the basement scene didnt scare me at all.

HttpamzntovNmiULDont miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS. The basement scene in Zodiac. Zodiac basement scene I just watched Zodiac and I was confused by the scene towards the end where Jake Gyllenhalls character is in the basement with the guy from the movie theater.

Most movie fans are in agreement that David Finchers Zodiac is a modern masterpiece. Bob pulls up in a car when they first meet and Graysmith suggests they go to a coffee shop but Bob insists on going to his house. The plot thickens and we move onwards to the creepiest scene in the film.

Zodiac 2007 The Basement Scene. Its so disturbingly frank after such a long build up. David Fincher built up the perfect amount of suspense and it was absolutely chilling.

This video takes a deeper look at a specific scene between Bob Vaughn Charles Fleischer and Robert Graysmith Jake Gyllenhaal. Was shocked when I learned its like a collective nightmare on reddit. Jake hears footsteps from the floor above and you can see dust falling and asks the guy a couple times if he lives alone.

This is a subreddit designed for the mature discussion of the Zodiac Killer. Graysmith is the most public advocate for Allens guilt and the notion that Allen is the killer adds a certain undeniable frisson to the scene. My interpretation is that Vaughn could or could not have been one of the suspects since nothing about this case can be stated definitively but the entire sequence plays.

The basement scene Zodiac 2007 View this video on YouTube Paramount Pictures There is an objectively correct answer to this question. Press J to jump to the feed. I think that scene is one of those things that make you think its not for sure that Arthur Leigh was the Zodiac.

At the same time its meant to throw you the viewer off by ramping up the tension and suspense. The Basement Scene This scene takes place towards the end of the film. And at its heart it is not a serial killer movie but one that looks at the idea of ever-growing obsession.

Much of that comes from the films heroes notably Robert Graysmith Jake Gyllenhaal and not the bad guy.

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