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Alcohol Altered moods Stronger effects the more you drink Bunch of new buffs Bunch of new icons to go with those buffs Altered walkstyles Addiction chance Different hangovers depending on how much you drank Chance of puking when drinking too much. Read up on how buying drugs work here.

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Select BM Drugs from the drop-down menu and then Download Save it in the downloads folder after that.

Basemental how to sell drugs. However the pie menu only. Amphetamine is n ot in any way an expensive drug. SELL DRUGS In this version of Basemental Drugs the only drug you are able to sell to other Sims is cannabis.

Basemental Gangs requires both the former mod and Get To Work to function while Basemental Drugs requires only the base game to function. BASEMENTAL DRUGS v119 – UPDATED 120218 PATREON EXCLUSIVE Changelog. You can install your mod once you have done the above steps.

As for the Drug Dealers befriend an NPC Dealer if you havent already and ask them to join the team as a Team. Game patch 185203 was just released today 15 March 2022 and with it came some changes to how scenarios are set up. WATCH UPDATED TUTORIAL HERE.

He has a level 2 weed dealing skill which he obtained by going through the process of inquiring about dealing weed from an NPC drug dealer. You can buy the jar in buybuild mode. The quickest and easiest way to acquire some weed is to buy it from your local neighborhood dealer.

Basemental Mods is a well-known pair of mods that includes tools and conversations about drugs alcohol and gangs among other things. Add 1 Promoter to Team. In addition to this you can encounter a hangover drug addiction grow and sell weed become a dealer and various drug-related ventures.

You have to buy the jar to cure the weed after a few days it should be ready to be sold. If you want to sell a drug to someone and they havent called you in a while click on your Phone go to the Dealing tab of the phone select Sell Drugs choose between the 4 drugs you can sell select one of the drugs you have the Dealing Trait for and Sims on the customer list for and you can select by Sims on your Customer List to meet up with at a specific location so you. This requires you to be at least level three in either of the Dealing Skills.

You need to increase your relationship with sims at least a little bit to sell drugs to them. You can also become a drug dealer and make a lot of money fairly quickly with very little risk. When you increase the friendship is going to show up some options to talk about drugs you have to click on those options and eventually the interaction to sell the drug is going to show up.

You can also buy weed directly from the Dark Web on your Sims computer or tablet. It did however not break in a this game is unplayable and theres dumpster fires all around sort of. You have to buy or make drugs to sell to them.

Legal weed industry include a functional industrial greenhouse where you carefully research and grow your own weed. Sims 4 – How to Sell Drugs and Make New Clients BASEMENTAL MOD – YouTube. There is a clear distinction between games and real life.

So lets have a look at what this module has in store for you. Add 2 DJs to Team. You should have labeled a sim to be the original drug seller you make friends with them ask if you can sell drugs too they give you options of what you want to sell and as long as you have drugs in your inventory when your clients or potential clients come over you can sell.

There are at least 6 different objects that needs to be altered also files for buying selling order from computer and so on. BASEMENTAL DRUGS 3940107 10092019. Its a big mod with a lot you can do and this is just one idea you might have fun with.

As you might know one of the Basemental Mods comes with custom scenarios which broke due to the changes to scenarios code. This tutorial will show you how to go into create a sim for the npc dealer create your dealer and how to start sellingSubscribe. The sims 4 basemental drugs cc lets you have a plethora of drugs like MDMA coke ecstasy which you cannot experience in your real life and you shouldnt.

Basemental is in no way promoting encouraging or glorifying the use of drugs in real life. Click on the Basemental Drugs pie menu and select Sell Weed. According to the directions the next thing is to find a potential customer click on them click on drugs then choose the drug I want to sell them.

Sims 4 – How to Sell Drugs and Make New Clients BASEMENTAL MOD Watch later. Basemental Mods TS4 mods for adults. Then by right-clicking on the folder unzip it and then proceed as follows.

To sell ziplock bags of cannabis make sure that your selected Sim is carrying a ziplock bag of cannabis in his or her inventory click on the Sim you want to sell it to. Repaired for the latest patch Fixed MDMA sharing interactions Fixed cannabis bugs Removed bong CAS object Fixed baby laxatives Fixed lean bugs Fixed snort from sinks interactions Basemental Gangs Fixed some bugs BASEMENTAL DRUGS 31042110 Current Patreon Version Tobacco. Start by building your team.

Basemental Drugs mod adds the ability to take and use illegal drugs in The Sims 4. From the Dark Web. Head over to a nightclub and get friendly with the local DJ to get the option to ask them to join your team as a Team DJ.

They contain and depict drug use and abuse with all the ups and downs to go with it as well as criminal activity. Httpsyoutubev2XRCx-pueM CLICK SHOW MORE FOR FULL DESCRIPTION In this tutorial Im going to teach you how to be. In this guide Im going to take you through the steps of growing your own weed for the purpose of.

The Sims 4 mods found here are meant for a mature audience. Add 1 Drug Dealer to Team. There are so many instances in the tuning files that reference the different prices.

However when I click on the drugs sub-menu for a Sim the only option that pops up is settings. Basemental drugs mod adds the ability to do and sell drugs in the sims 4. Cant start selling with Basemental Drugs Mod.

He has 6 zip lock bags of purple AK-47 and the sim he is trying to sell it to is a client. Electronic ArtsSims4ModsBasemental DrugsDocumentsElectronic ArtsSims4ModsBasemental Drugs.

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