Best Low Light Plants For Basement

Finally Bromeliads bloom in various colors. Boston ferns are one of the easiest ferns to care for.

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This is also known as golden pathos devils Ivy and money plant.

Best low light plants for basement. Sansevieria Snake Plant 8. Golden pothos Epipremnum aureum a vining plant that grows best in temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees. ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia Also called the Zanzibar Gem due to its East African origin the ZZ plant with its glossy dark green leaves is amenable to a host of conditions including drought low humidity and light.

So this is a must-have for any dark and cold basement bedrooms or any cool low light location in the house. 2- BIRDS NEST FERN. Best houseplants for low-light 1.

This plant can easily grow in the basement. The Pothos is one of the most famous low light indoor plants commonly planted in many homes all around the world. 10 HOUSEPLANTS FOR BASEMENT 1- P O THOS.

The best indoor plants for your basement apartment include. A small uv light is also an option here. These palms can grow very large with fertilizer the right light and a big enough pot.

Plant in well-draining soil meant for succulents and allow it to dry completely before you even think about watering it. Low Light Loving Indoor Plants. You can grow bamboo in water provided the roots are fully immersed.

Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 2. Old classic green varieties of Chinese evergreen survive. Ive been perusing Google and Pinterest.

Epipremnum aureum Pothos Devils Ivy 5. Also known as the pothos these popular plants have leaves that change color based on lighting. Lucky bamboo does best in low indirect light.

They love humidity and are excellent very low light houseplants. Baby rubber plant Cast iron plant Oakleaf grape ivy Pothos ZZ plant Snake plant Spineless yucca Rex begonia Monstera Parlor palm Spider plant Swedish ivy Mint Philodendron. Some of these plants also have swirls of pink or purple too.

Low Light Plants for the Bedroom 4. Posted by 1 hour ago. If you transfer bamboo to soil make sure the pot has good drainage so the soil doesnt retain too much water.

Aloe vera plants are. Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid 7. Maranta leuconeura Prayer Plant 6.

Chlorophytum comosum Spider Plant 3. When you do water thoroughly and drain completely. Popular since the Victorian era parlor palm Chamaedorea elegans is a slow-growing Mexican native that does well in low-light situations.

The Parlor Palm has air purifying qualities and is a fun unfussy plant choice for any plant lover level. If you are someone whos new to growing houseplants this is the plant you should start with. The crinkly leaves of this plant make.

What are your favorite low-no light houseplants. Explore their picks for the best low-light indoor plants to create your very own jungle at home. Snake plant Sansevieria trifasciata and Zeezee plant Zamioculcus zamiifolia are two succulents.

Parlor palm only needs to be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch but it does help to mist the plants once in awhile during the winter. Boston Fern Nephrolepis exaltata. Like most indoor plants its best to allow your plant soil to completely dry out between waterings.

So I am thinking of bamboo zz plant and some pothos cuttings that Ive got currently rooting in water. If your office or finished basement is in need of some brightening consider one of these gorgeous plants. Stocksy Removes low levels of formaldehyde xylene and toluene from the air Thrives in moderate indirect sunlight.

Since you are not receiving any light or elements from the outside gray can help give the basement an industrial contemporary aesthetic. Best for brown thumbs. Pothos is a low maintenance.

Did you know that some of the most vibrant and easy-care houseplants can thrive on low light. Heres a list of the best low light house plants. Increase the water level to encourage higher root growth and larger foliage at the top.

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily 9. Dracaena fragrans Corn Plant 4. This gorgeous plant with waxy green foliage and white paper-like lilies is a great plant to bring to any low-light room.

Boston Fern Nephrolepis exaltata Photo. This low-light houseplant is one of the most durable plants you can grow making it perfect for. It requires medium to low light and only needs watering every one to two weeks.

Chinese Evergreen plants are one of the best plants to grow indoors that dont require constant direct sunlight. Shutterstock Hellen Sergeyeva Lucky. Gray can also work well with a basement with no natural light since it looks so modern.

Plants That Work in the Basement Low-Light Succulents. Save Pin It See More Images Image credit. Philodendron Known as one of the premier varieties of indoor plants philodendron is very tolerant of low-light conditions.

It can propagate in the room where it receives little light. Add a Pothos plant to the darkest corners of your house for a dose of instant brightening. 20 Low-Light Indoor Plants for Your Home Lucky Bamboo Dracaena sanderiana Spider Plant Chlorophytum comosum Golden Pothos Epipremnum aureum Snake Plant Sansevieria trifasciata Staghorn Fern Platycerium bifurcatum English Ivy Hedera helix Cast Iron Plant Aspidistra elatior Peace Lily.

Not only do they enjoy low-light conditions but they also prefer cooler temperatures. Consider them the building blocks of any great indoor jungle. Little maintenance makes this plant a favorite for everyone.

It grows 4 feet tall and makes a bold statement in any room. ZZ Plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia A hardy plant that can tolerate both low light and watering neglect the ZZ plant is great for those with a less than green thumb. Depending on their conditions these plants can grow anywhere from 8.

9 Houseplants to Grow in Low-Light Areas 1. Heart shaped leaves plant which can grow well in soil potted containers or in water vases or jars. After that theres the silver and green-leaved Calathea.

Sky Blue Sky blue is an excellent color for bringing a touch of the outdoors into your basement with no natural light. Silver Queens though sensitive to the cold are a variant of evergreen plants and prefer low light. Here are seven detoxifying plant varieties that can tolerate moderate to low light levels.

Pothos plants need such little light that they can do well even in your bathroom or basement.

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