Chimney Cleanout In Basement

Chimney cleanout repair foundation repairs wall cracks rod holes i-beam pockets window pockets drain tile wall bracing polymer foam concrete leveling and void filling request a. Outside ensure the slope or grading of your landscaping as well as your roof downspouts or.

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The chimney cleanout is 6 feet below grade.

Chimney cleanout in basement. Wall Crack Leaks Chimney Cleanouts Rod Holes Leaks Basement window water leaks basement wall bracing drain tile. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. You brush the ashes into the opening and they fall into the ash pit which part of the foundation of the chimney.

I filled the spot middle part of the chimney with some water. Im currently digging outside and so far the chimney looks fine. One of them doesnt seem to have problems with moisture but the other seems like its had issues in the past with moisture getting in.

Water leaks out of the clean out box in my basement when it rains. I wont let my kids go down there anymore. Another consideration is an ash box.

You want a working cleanout door at the base of the chimney flue to clean out fallen soot and debris though if there is enough height several feet between the thimble where the flue vent connector from the oil fired heater enters the chimney flue and the chimney basecleanout door you could probably accumulate years of crud before it would begin to block the flue. Suburban Basement had the most logical and cost effective solution. The mudcap may be compromised.

We scooped and scooped and scooped about 25 gallons worth of dirt out of the trap. Basement absolutely stinks of smoke. Call a basement waterproofing professional before going the DIY route as sealing cracks from the inside could lead to structural damage later.

Heres the bottom after emptying the water. Yes Im 100 sure its not coming from the water heater. Ive dug at least 5 feet.

Water is in my chimney clean-out box which is located in basement below ground level. I would say to get on a ladder take a look at the top of the chimney. I live in New England.

Sometime earlier this year we started getting black soot water apparently leaking out of this chimney cleanout. It constantly fills up with grass leafs etc and leaks. However we recently noticed that it was leaking again and that grass leafs etc were still getting inside.

These are often found on the floor of the fireplace. A missing chimney cleanout door or any other hole in the flue means that there is a fire safety hazard sparks or ashes falling out onto the basement floor and also that it is impossible to control the draft in the flue. After shutting off the furnace we got a 5 Gallon bucket and some recycled soup cans opened the trap and scooped the dirt out and into a bucket.

Water will pour out of clean-out box long after rain has stopped. These can be about 12x12x12. As moisture builds up inside of a chimney liner that is not functioning properly that moisture ends up running down into the basement.

It clearly is ground water. Rerport back with what you find. I have a wood stove which I keep running all winter.

CALL586 465-5500 Servicing Southeastern Michigan. A purposely left the garden hose on next to the chimney to test it and about 10 minutes later their was a small puddle in my basement so I know its not because of the roof or anything. Others direct the fireplace ash to an outside door for much easier cleanup.

I cleaned it out and we had a chimney cap installed. Ive had some issues with the chimney clean out door in the basement of our home. The metal chimney cap may be too small for the flue tile or.

Especially bad when it rains. Installing a chimney cleanout door gives you handy access to the inside of your chimney so that you can easily clean it as often as needed without making a big mess. Once it has nowhere else to go it will seep in through the cleanout or the brick nearby.

The first reason is normally due to damage to the chimney cap or metal liner. Scoop some mortar on a trowel and place an even 14-inch layer on the bottom of the chimney opening. Clean the debris inside and outside the cleanout door regularly to keep the chimney looking good and hygienic.

The chimney is used as a vent for many common household appliances such as boilers water heaters AC units and more. One company insisted we install an interior drainage system that cost in excess of 1500000 another company insisted digging up the exterior of my foundation would solve the problem and at a cost of 700000 Suburban Basement did an epoxy injection to repair a crack in the. Leaks from cracks in basement walls and floors are also common.

The problem is bellow grade. There could however be a problem in one of three areas. Im not sure what to do next.

This is an extremely useful tool you can pick up here. No fireplace or anything. The chimney liner can also be a source of water leakage into the basement.

I cant pin-point the exact place the water is coming in the basement. In those cases rain snow or melted ice can leak into the chimney near the top and run all the way down until it hits the bottom of the cleanout. One for the flue to enter the chimney and a second penetration below it so you could install a clean out door for access to the bottom of the tee.

Then we took the shop vac and sucked out everything in the bottom. The chimney clean-out door is in the upper left corner of this photo. Water flooding basement from chimney- 7-3-13.

Best way to seal off ash traps chimney cleanouts Ive got two ash traps in my basement that I want to close off for good. The water freezing and thawing causes small cracks to grow. It is NOT an above-ground leak.

Do not put the debris with regular rubbish as it is generally classified as building rubble. This part of my basement is well below grade. 1965 1 story Ranch Full basement my water tank and furnace is connected to it.

Wedge a block of wood against the ground and center of the door to keep the door in place until the mortar cures. If I keep wiping the water up it only comes from the chimney wall. Some ash pits tunnel ash to the basement and is a real mess to deal with.

It leads to the ash pit. What you might want to do is tap into the existing chimney twice on the first floor. The water penetration is coming in through the ground.

Insert the cleanout door into the opening until the door is flush against the chimney. Look in your basement or perhaps outside and you should find a little metal door that allows you to clean out the pit if it ever gets full. Chimney Clean Out Doors Make your chimney cleaning chore an easy breeze with the right chimney cleanout door.

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