Columbine Basement Tapes Destroyed

Yet if copies do exist you would think they would have been leaked by now. Critics said this could have contributed to triggering the perpetrators extreme violence.

Columbine Shooters Had Tense Moment Over Passover Mother Says The Times Of Israel

The Basement Tapes were created by the two perpetrators in the months prior to the incident.

Columbine basement tapes destroyed. I struggle back and forth thinking that the Basement tapes have actually been destroyed and are gone forever while still holding out hope that some where copies do exist. Columbine Killers Basement Tapes Destroyed. Bizarrely JeffCo reportedly 5 destroyed their copy of the tapes dubiously citing a concern about inspiring copycat killers although it is rumored within the research community that the FBI has retained their own copy.

Item 298 2 Tapes – Tape 1 Rebs Tape April 11 to April 12 is part of the Basement Tapes. This collection of videos is known to journalists and researchers as the Basement Tapes and has never been released by Jefferson County. We know the basement tapes are not destroyed like we were told.

Jeffco and the basement tapes. I dont doubt that JeffCo destroyed the originals in fact I believe they did. The tapes are supposedly destroyed but its very likely the FBI have copies and theyll likely be released once everyone that was at all affected has died so likely 70ish years.

The BT were sealed and later destroyed by the Jefferson Countys Sheriffs Office JCSO not because of potential copycat concerns or because the tapes were instructive for would be copycats but rather because the timeline is. Klebold said on the Basement Tapes Youve been giving us. The first videotape is almost unbearable to watch.

If that wasnt enough he also thought ALL Columbine evidence was too inflammatory so he had the rest destroyed too Weapons Bullet Casing EVERYTHING. Hitmen For Hire – tape 01. We can focus more on the answers this can be very educational.

Leaks are happening every month. Release Columbine Basement Tapes. Why Hollywood Is Keeping the Story Alive March 21 2012 Articles written by Dave Cullen.

Please if theyre not destroyed release them. Basement Tapes Destroyed Thu Jan 29 2015 1218 am. I 100 believe there is a copy of them in existence.

Columbine killers basement tapes destroyed in 2011 records request reveals. To take such drastic measures on the sly is bothersome especially as this is only being discussed now when its gone far past debate or demand. Version 10 29 July 2014 2 stantly ripped on him as did his brothers friends.

Personally i doubt that they have been but i have to say that it does seem like they have because of how nothing except. The tapes were shown to families and TIME Magazine in the beginning but were quickly sealed and then ordered to be. So Randys theory goes like this.

The Columbine Tapes. The Columbine High School Massacre. Columbine Killers Basement Tapes Destroyed February 2 2015.

They were the most notorious yet least-seen artifacts from one of the worst school shootings in American. Some of the above file types were converted for compatibility with Windows 10. Early stories following the shootings charged that school administrators and teachers at Columbine had long condoned bullying.

Alan Prendergast February 2 2015 850AM. This leaked audio of the Columbine Basement Tapes was filmed 21 years ago around midnight on March 15th 1999. The natural born killers waited until the parents were asleep upstairs before heading down to the basement to put on their show.

Nah thats the 2003 depositions. Dylan Klebold sits in the tan La-Z-Boy chewing on a toothpick. In 2027 theyll be out.

On April 20th 1999 two students attending Columbine High School Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went to their school and killed fourteen students including themselves and one teacher and injured. The Basement Tapes are 3 hours 1 minute 55 seconds long. Sadly I feel the Depositions will be the only big Columbine release we can hope for in the future.

Theres always school shootings its sad but we cant. The Columbine shootings continue to inspire Hollywood March 20 2012. 1999 This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

Transcript of the Columbine Basement Tapes wwwschoolshootersinfo Peter Langman PhD. The Basement Tapes of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold the school shooters of Columbine High School in Colorado. Does anyone here actually believe that jeffco destroyed the basement tapes in 2011.

All content remains the same. The Basement Tapes The Basement Tapes are a series of home videos recorded by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold leading up to the massacre where they discuss their reasons for the shooting and show off their arsenal of guns knives and bombs. At last we know why the Columbine killers did it April 20 2004.

Dear FBI MrPresident and Colorado State Government Officials Its been 18 Years from Columbine High School shooting in Colorado. The case of columbine was huge and the basement tapes are arguably the biggest piece of evidence left behind. So far only two out of five tapes were officially released to the public the other three are claimed to be destroyed because of fear of potential copycat violence in teenaged white kids.

But I also believe they did that as a way to make people stop asking for them. All remaining Columbine evidence including the Basement Tapes were destroyed in early 2011. Item 265 – March 15 to March 18.

The Depressive and the Psychopath. They were the most notorious yet least-seen artifacts from one of the worst school shootings in American history roughly four hours of home videos made by two teenage killers-to-be shot in the last weeks of their lives and offering glimpses. It might be helpful for people who study Criminology we can focus on their psychological profile.

Sorta how theres new WWII stuff being declassified still. 20 1999 TIME Cover. The Basement Tapes partially found Columbine killers video diary.

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Official Columbine Basement Tapes Thread 4chanarchives A 4chan Archive Of X

Official Columbine Basement Tapes Thread 4chanarchives A 4chan Archive Of X

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