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Deltarune chapter 2 ost. Obviously we are going to have to go into some spoilers here but were gonna do our best and not spoil the story just the hidden stuff you have to find on this journey.

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Return to the basement and insert the Disk back where you found it.

Deltarune queen basement. How to Unlock the Chapter 2 Secret Boss. If theres any bugs on the stage let me know. The first step to unlocking the secret boss can be done in chapter twos first main area.

Deltarune Chapter One OST. Find Spamtons shop in the Trash Zone and purchase the Key-Gen. According to him the disk must be placed back in the statue in the Mansions basement.

The story takes place before the events of the original and can lead to the events of the game depending on the ending. The legs of Queens giant robot can be seen at the wall of the giant staircase. Keep going left until you see the green screens appearing in the air and then head up and through the doorway.

To start the secret boss fight players must exit the basement and bring the disk to Spamton at his shop. To Unlock the Secret Boss in DELTARUNE Chapter 2. Spamton full name Spamton G.

Later on shortcuts behind the two bookshelves in this area leading to higher floors as well as a shortcut to the hall leading to the basement can be unlocked. Return to Spamtons shop and upload him into the Disk. This is the room past the traffic puzzle.

To reach the basement go to the eastern room in 1F Queens Mansion. Unlock the passage with the Key-Gen enter the basement and retrieve the Disk. How to Unlock Secret Boss in Deltarune Chapter 2.

One this could be the next villain in deltarune 3 Mike. Defeat Spamton during the story. We use cookies and other data collection technologies to provide the best experience for our customers.

Follow the Hacker in Queens Mansion to locate the secret switch. This Character could possibly be related to the queen Plus Jevil did mention a queen and her return so maybe the queen was outcasted and sent away and built her own empire or something. I just uploaded this so i can acsees it on my other computer.

Unlock the passage with the Key-Gen enter the basement. He is initially encountered in Cyber City where he is fought as a mini boss. So in some sneak peak of deltarune we saw a mettaton looking character.

In the statue room interact with the. Head to the left to find the switch to turn it off. If the next chapter does indeed take place in kris house its possible that Mike is a TV based guy.

The First Blue Checkmark. Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N better known as simply Queen is a major character in the indie video game Deltarune serving as a mentioned character in Chapter 1 and the main antagonist of Chapter 2 the main antagonist of the Neutral Route and the central antagonist of the SnowGrave RouteShe describes herself as a computer. The Deltarune Chapter 2 basement location is a hidden place that you can find after youve progressed far enough through the game and found several secrets on your way.

Recruit the Hacker in Cyber Field by finding the three blue check marks. The Queens Creation is an AU that tells a story of a universe similar to the original. His shop is unusual in that his items are not what they appear and their prices fluctuate rapidly while.

Interact with all of them to find the Keygen lock. So pls dont say BRING IT DOWN im gonna do it myself. Take the Keygen to the Queens Mansion basement.

Floor 1F Floor 1F is filled with Queens paintings which shoot fireballs at the party. But it has lots of new characters with different personalities and of course some interesting events. How To Start The Secret Boss Fight In Deltarune Chapter 2.

Next you will have to go to the 1st floor in the Queens Mansion and use the KeyGen to access the B1F entrance. To reach the basement go to the eastern room in 1F Queens Mansion. Spamton is a Darkner and antagonist in Chapter 2 of Deltarune.

Here is the Deltarune soundtrack straight from the games source files. Follow the Hacker in Queens Mansion to locate the secret switch. This is a stage based on Deltarune Chapter 2 when facing against Spamton NEO the hidden boss located in Queens Mansion basement floor.

TO be more exact you need to beat the Glitch boss. To find the location of the basement in the Deltarune Chapter 2 Mansion area you first have to reach a specific point of the game. Full view of Deltarune – Queen.

To the right of the Save Point should be a laser wall. Spamton writes over the disk now called LoadedDisk and returns it to the player. Enter the righthand hall after deactivating the.

Starting at the crossroad where the entrance to the Deltarune city. To find the secret boss you will need to first buy KeyGen from Spamton. Another theory is that this is the true face of WD Gaster but seeing as how most people by this point accepted the Mystery man to be Gaster I doubt Toby would do that.

These files are from a free. That leads downstairs to BF1. This stage is fully animated.

This is the room past the traffic puzzle. After you do that head to the Trash Zone and go left. Go left and enter the furthest room.

Disable the forcefield and get the EmptyDisk from the Old Machine. After his battle he appears as a shopkeeper in the Trash Zone. In the statue room interact with the angular candle holders.

She is the tyrannical ruler of Cyber World who. Getting The EmptyDisk.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Basement Location

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Basement Location

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Deltarune Chapter 2 How To Find The Secret Boss Spamton Neo Guide Gameranx

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Deltarune Chapter 2 Basement Location

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