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Anyways theres a bookshelf you can move with an elevator door behind it. The Fallout 4 Subreddit.

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But where is the entrance to the basement I am not seeing it may be really obvious I am in the Slocum joes.

Fallout 4 slocum joe basement elevator. I think that by opening the first terminal the game disables his door opening function meaning youd get stuck at the RD door every time. It doesnt work until you turn it on after getting through the dungeon the normal way ie. Slocum Joes Basement Elevator.

Youll find it in the basement of Slocum Joes. Entry can be gained either by hacking a master locked terminal oneself at any time or by having Deacon do it during the Tradecraft quest. One YouTuber claimed he went through a sewer to get below the basement to restore power to the elevator but my friend has had trouble finding it.

Once you complete the quest by taking the franchise kit into your inventory a new. Everything but one room is accessible IF you have hacking and lockpicking Hacking is the main thing. Its just Deacons uncooperativeness thats a problem.

It is located to the East of Covenant and South of the Mass Fusion. Fallout 4 – Slocum Joes Basement – Walkthrough Lets Play Part 30Buy Fallout 4 at a discount. Theres a hidden entrance around halfway between Starlight Drive in and Lexington.

Reverse navigating the escape tunnel. Slocums Joe is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack Obtain Slocums Joe franchise kit from inside the delivery crate in Slocums Joe Corporate HQ in Malden. Oddly enough fast traveling to this map marker will place you northwest of Super Duper Mart.

Talk about quests gameplay mechanics perks story characters and more. This one is in Lexington south-east of Sanctuary Hills. I hope you fucking like it.

Elevator Clipping Glitch – Slocum Joes Basement – Fallout 4. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 a GameFAQs message board topic titled Elevator in slocum joes basement. Slocums Joe company.

When you first get into the Tunnels DO NOT unlock the Master difficulty Terminal let Deacon do it he will unlock that terminal and the door and then later on he will unlock the RD room as well. The basement can be accessed through a locked door southeast of a tipped orange railway car south of Drumlin Diner inside a sewer pipe entrance that is hidden behind vines. My friend has seen videos online where he got the elevator working in Slocum Joes basement.

You can clear out the entire dungeon before meeting the Railroad and getting the quest have the elevator activated and everything. Look for a room with computers along the walls a large American flag and a desk with the terminal in the middle of it. In Slocums Joe Basement there is a hidden elevator behind a door leading to a location known as The Switchboard Elevator powered down Enemies.

Whistling In The Dark. It cannot be activated until Tradecraft is started. The elevator leads back to Slocums Joes basement.

The elevator is the back door from a level design perspective out of the dungeon. A bookshelf in the basement under the only working light in the room contains an elevator to the Switchboard. Nov 27 2015 537am.

Once youve disposed of the robots youll find a terminal that will power up the elevator. I was just wandering around when i found it Wasnt doing any quests. So the fact that it doesnt work is correct.

The button for it says the elevator is not working. Master locked terminal needs to be hacked to get past. You can also use this computer to deactivate more Turrets.

Slocums Joe Corporate HQ. In Lexington near the Corvega Assembly plant where you kill raiders for a side quest at the beginning there is a building with a basement called Slocum Joes Basement. The quest starts and magically more Synths are there and have turned off the elevator but not secured the back entrance.

Other option is to go out and just go through the sewers again. BAck left corner its a bookshelf hiding an elevator door. His nickname is pretty stellar sexual innuendo or not.

For more detailed information on this category please visit the topic article. Slocums Joe Fallout 4 Back to page. The magazine is on the desk.

It is not really clear to me if Slocum Joes basement really needs its own page it is a small basement room leading to the elevator going to the Switchboard. Take a look around a drainage pipe to the west At night you may see a blinking red light if you hit the wicked shipping truck you have gone too far it will be in sight of the slocum joes. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

Slowcum Joes Elevator Mystery – YouTube. Walkthrough for the Lexington area in Fallout 4 including the Pharmacy Parking Garage Slocum Joes Basement and Laundromat subareas. Look for a storm drain with the entrance covered in moss.

The Slocums Joe Corporate HQ is a housing Location in the Northeastern area of The Commonwealth. The exit is an elevator in the basement of a Slocums Joe a pre-War doughnut shop west from Super Duper Mart. Covert Operations Manual 3.

The ruins of Lexington arent just a geographic region in Fallout 4 theyre given their own map marker. I hated all the current videos on Youtube about this elevator so I made my own. Straight ahead is the exit guarded by several Synths.

–Alfwyn 0007 January 28 2016 UTC Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Found an elevator in the basement But i cant access it Is this a part of a quest. Inside there are multiple terminals and doors.

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Slocum S Joe Fallout 4 Fallout Wiki Fandom

Slocum S Joe Fallout 4 Fallout Wiki Fandom

Fallout 4 Slocum Joe S Basement Walkthrough Let S Play Part 30 Youtube

Slocum S Joe Fallout 4 Fallout Wiki Fandom

Slocum S Joe Fallout 4 Fallout Wiki Fandom

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