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Its a way of creating a better living atmosphere than leaving electrical wires and your plumbing visible. Includes coffered beadboard painted and rustic ceiling ideas.

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Most people prefer finishing their basement ceiling when they plan to add another room or widen the living space to the bottom floor.

Finished basement ceilings. If your basement ceiling is quite low already a dropped ceiling is likely to mean tall guests will have to crouch a little if they want to see your lovely basement. Are you thinking about exposing your ceilings while finishing your basement. In this post I highlight all the considerations you need to think about BEFORE committing to keep your rafters exposed while finishing your basement.

Take note though that you can adjust these height requirements to accommodate beams girders or mechanical system components on the ceiling. Unsurprisingly given its name you do sacrifice on ceiling height but theyre one of the best choices if you want your ceiling to look truly finished. However since many homeowners prefer a finished basement ceiling height closer to 8 feet the walls may be 8 feet high or taller depending on whether theyre creating room for components.

There are many ways to finish basement ceilings and you have to chose which type that suits you best. Having an exposed basement ceiling is a new trend right now. The final idea for exposed basement ceilings is a mixture between a finished ceiling and an exposed ceiling.

As a result the average will fall in the 7-foot to 9-foot range depending on your location. Finished in country whiteto complete the monochromatic color schemethis basement ceiling makes the whole space feel bright but in a casual warm and totally on-trend way. After completion of your finishing project note that the height of your room will be lowered drastically.

The Top 51 Low Basement Ceiling Ideas. In most towns building codes require that finished basement ceilings be at least seven feet high. You can think about each option and find the best one that works for you.

Gallery of the best low basement ceiling ideas. But dont be fooleda seven-foot ceiling will not make for an enjoyable spaceAnything below seven feet nine inches may feel crampedand that figure refers to the height of the finished space. You can chose from traditional drywall tongue and grove board acoustic ceilings and drop ceilings.

In most towns building codes require that finished basement ceilings be at least seven feet high. Whichever type of basement ceiling option you choose for your finished area there will inevitably come a time when you or a contractor will need access to the space above the ceiling since in most homes the basement is where the bulk of electrical plumbing and HVAC wiresconnectionspipes are. Lets have a look 25 low ceiling finished basement ideas.

Local codes for basement finishing vary however according to the International Residential Code IRC a basement living space must have a clear floor-to-ceiling height of at least 7 feet 6 feet for bathrooms. Your choice of ceiling styles Include Drywall Basement Ceilings or revamped Modern and Stylish Suspended Ceilings and the Painted Exposed Ceiling. A clear floor-to-ceiling height of 7 feet is required if the basement is habitable.

There are a few different ways to finish a basement ceiling. Leonard Aug CEO of iProperty Management says. Exceptions are often made to accommodate exposed structural beams girders.

There are three types of ceilings that can be installed in a finished basement and we expertly install all three types. Do 9-Foot Basement Ceilings Add Value. Anything below seven feet nine inches may feel crampedand that figure refers to the height of the finished space.

You might love the idea of finishing off your ceiling but do not want to limit access to specific exposed elements in case they need repair. Particularly clever additions include built-in ceiling bookshelves and lighting implements as well as hand-painted fresco and geometric accents. How high do basement ceilings need to be.

But when its non-habitable then it only requires a minimum height of 6 feet 8 inches. Art Deco detail work 3D drop tiles exposed metal and stripped wood are just some of the ways to transform your basement space into an editorial-worthy spread. The Top 51 Low Basement Ceiling Ideas.

Traditional drop ceiling Drywall Painted ceilings. But dont be fooleda seven-foot ceiling will not make for an enjoyable space. 3How much does it cost to install a basement ceiling.

Gallery of the best low basement ceiling ideas.

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