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Wait for the fallout particles to dissipate. When the window opens the magnet separates and the sensor sends an alert to inform you of the potential breach.

A Traditional Basement Window Installation If You Or Someone You Know Is Looking To Replace Their B Glass Block Basement Windows Basement Windows Glass Blocks

For more information on our basement window protection solutions as well as our full range of customized home security products call Canadian Security.

How to secure basement window. 7 Tips To Secure Your Basement Windows Keep Family Safe. This equipment is most effective when its installed as part of a comprehensive smart home security system. Here again look for a design that wont create a fire hazard.

Intruders use the cover of darkness to their advantage. Emergency Escape Basement Egress Windows. After this time you can safely leave the basement.

Some window films go a little extra to hold the glass windows in place in case an object hits your window. These can provide cover for people trying to get into your house through those basement windows. Another effective way to secure basement windows is to install roll-a-way electric security shutters.

For the very best safety use irreversible bars. The window can be further secured with metal grilles on the inside or outside of the window. Heres our top five tips for keeping your basement windows secure.

Your basement may not be at the top of your to-do list in terms of home security but itll be on the mind of a potential home intruder. Block the Path to the Window. Window Well Cover Locks Quick Release Lock System.

A window sensor consists of two pieces hooked together by a magnet. You can choose one of the below locks for your basement window security. Basement window protection systems can help secure your home for the long term.

Custom basement window well covers allow professionals to input the exact specifications required to keep your family safe. 10 Tips for Basement Window Security Improve Basement Window Visibility. Many people make the mistake of hiding their basement windows with big bushes.

Another essential tool needed. How To Install A Basement Egress Window Acculevel. Block the Path to the Windows.

They should be gone after approximately 24 hours. Combat this by keeping the area around your basement windows well-lit with motion-triggered lights or smart lights that are set to turn onoff on a schedule. Even if the burglar tries to make their way in through the basement window block the path with things that make noise to startle them.

Keep the Area Well-Lit. How do you secure a basement window. Like the glass in.

A motion-activated light is also useful in the event that you have to use your basement window to escape a fire at night illuminating a basement window well and steps to help make escape easier. Keep Valuables out of Sight. Choose Sturdy Window Grates.

As a result it may be easier for predators to break it. Shrubs and bushes may look nice with your home but when it obstructs the view of your basement windows it gives cover for the burglars to secretly break into your home. A robust lock is one of the best ways to secure your old or new basement windows with or without bars.

If its time to replace your basement windows consider choosing options with reinforced glass. 12 Easy Ways to Secure Your Basement Windows. Basement Egress Window Wells Escape Code U S Waterproofing.

How To Install Egress Windows Extreme. Use a Home Security System. Tip 1 Basement windows should be visible.

Using window bars security grilles is one of one of the most effective methods to secure your basement home windows. You can install the above locks to your basement windows without the help of a locksmith. Keep your basement windows free of obscurity by trimming back plants and greenery around these areas.

Add a Deadbolt to Your Basement Door. Window Well Covers Are Excellent Substitutes of Window Films. The quickest home security system fix for basement windows is to add doorwindow sensors also known as entry sensors.

Try to install enough lights along the basement windows as well to keep the area well-lit. A final consideration for those especially worried about intruders and theft is to install security bars. How to Lock and Secure a Basement Window.

Consider this when planting in your garden and make sure to trim the bushes around your house. Invest in reinforced glass to increase window security. Locking a basement window involves using a standard window lock andor a barricade lock for extra protection.

Bars are fixed in place making it impossible for. Use a Home Security Monitoring System. If security is your primary concern ie above aesthetics or your home has been a repeated target of burglary then you may consider bars or metal shutters over your basement windows.

Standard models may not fit your window well exactly as needed. A good window security option is that you can install strong and visible window locks on your basement first-floor windows or balconies and add simple deadbolts or sash locks for extra security layer. A robber typically skips the chance to get into a basement home window that has bars.

You can also use a damp cloth to seal windows and doors. Add bars or metal shutters. One common mistake homeowners make is to let overgrown shrubs and flowers block basement windows from view.

Seal the shelter Use duct tape and plastic sheeting to cover the doors windows air vents and gaps in walls or floors. How To Install Basement Windows. Tip 2 Install lighting fixtures.

The safest are the models that run on tracks or can be easily pushed open from inside if anyone needs to escape quickly during an emergency. When you keep your basement windows highly visible it lowers the chance that theyll be targeted. Install Bright Floodlights to.

A window film will secure your windows by giving your basement windows a frosted look or making it dark completely and give zero chances to peep through your house. Accordingly customization is the way to go to keep your family safe. You can place a squeaky toy plant cacti or place potted plants in the passage to basement windows to delay.

Rebecca Edwards If youre thinking that your doors and primary secured windows are the only access or entry points that require your attention think again. Other protective barriers such as thorny shrubs can be used to make it more difficult to.

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