Landscaping To Prevent Basement Flooding

Landscaping that grades towards your house instead of away from it may lead to flooding in your basement. This water can come from periods of severe weather or accidental water hazards such as a neighbors above-ground pool bursting and flooding onto your property.

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Placed at the bottom of your homes downspouts rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from the roof keeping water away from your foundation and protecting your basement from flooding.

Landscaping to prevent basement flooding. 10 Landscaping Tips That Stop Basement Flooding 1. Improve Your Landscape Grading. Landscaping that grades towards your house instead of away from it may lead to flooding in your basement.

In most basement flooding situations caused by a rainstorm the likely cause is poor grading around the home. When grading the yard ensure that it slopes down into gutters and drainage. To keep you and your basement dry here are seven ways you can prevent basement flooding.

Mulch soaks up water and if it soaks up too much it can rot away the siding of your home and run into the ceiling of the basement. And the first plant you should add to your yard isnative grass. Light mulch can be moved by water.

Grade your lawn in the proper direction. Fortunately there are things you can do that concern your landscaping and mulching to prevent a flooded basement. Improve your soil grade.

Here are a few helpful tips for how your landscaping choices can. There are multiple ways to prevent flood damage before it begins but a good place to start isnt even in your basement itself. Make a drainage swale.

Clean and Maintain Gutters and Downspouts. You want to ensure that you are not directing water towards your house when it drains. If so you may be able to prevent basement flooding simply by updating your landscaping.

Your yard and overall landscape design should be such that it minimizes the chance of flooding in the basement. One way to prevent basement flooding is to do a little landscaping. Cleaning your gutters and maintaining your downspouts are essential parts of home maintenance.

One of the main reasons other than appearance is keeping standing water away from your home or building. Sweet Gum- this tree prefers moist environments and will take in moisture left over from rain or a snowstorm. You want to make sure that you are directing the water away from your home when it rains.

One way you as a homeowner can prevent this is to install a dry creek bed in your yard that can provide a path for water to flow away from your house. This will decrease the chances of water entering your basement. Besides being able to damage property basement flooding can also lead to mold growth and bodies like the World Health Organization have labeled mold a health hazard.

While Mother Nature gives you rain turn to her to help you out. If you see water up against the foundation and siding talk to a landscaper about properly grading the lawn away from the home. Heavy mulch is also the best option for water prevention in your basement.

Improve Your Landscapes Grading. While most problems are caused by poorly sealed foundations and hydrostatic pressure sometimes basement flooding is directly related to landscaping and water routing issues. The siding on your house can actually be rotted away by wet mulch.

Well adding grass should be evident for landscaping but what Im specifically talking about are grasses that are local to the vicinity that doesnt use fertilisers and top-of-the-line. Proper landscaping techniques can help you prevent a flooded basement. As such tree care experts suggest that you make sure your home landscape.

Blue Spruce- the blue spruce tree is tolerant to moderate to severe flooding. Tackle the outside before you worry about whats going on indoors. The soil around the foundation should slope at least six inches for every ten feet of horizontal ground.

How Landscaping Can Prevent Basement Flood Damage. Downspouts should extend away from the home. If it slopes towards the house rainfall or melted snow can cause runoff and the water can find a way into the basement.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to your landscaping to prevent flooding. When your landscape runs toward the structure of your home there is a greater chance for water to leak into the basement. One of the best things you can do to prevent basement moisture is to improve the soil grade around your homes perimeter.

Your landscaping shouldnt grade toward your homeinstead the surrounding soil should slope away from it. Believe it or not some basement flooding problems may be directly related to the landscaping around your house. They are also an eco-friendly way to source irrigation water for your gardens and lawn.

Keeping mulch and siding apart especially with stone is another simple way to prevent basement flooding. Water should channel away from the home. But how does water get there in the first place.

Dont Let Mulch Touch Your House. Leave a gap between your mulch and siding and make sure nothing shifts. Basement flooding will cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair and replacement and this is why it is not an issue to take lightly.

As you start to plan and purchase flowers trees plants and tools to tackle your next yard project check out the list below for our top landscaping tips to prevent basement flooding. Properly landscaping the perimeter of your home can help prevent flooding your yard that then leaches through your foundation into your home creating basement flooding and water damage. Finding water in the basement is a startling discovery no matter the age of your home.

How Landscaping Can Prevent Basement Flooding. Other Ways Landscaping Can Prevent Basement Flooding. It will survive severe rain and snow while acting as a barrier to basement flooding.

Why landscaping can help prevent basement floods Landscaping may seem just like a way to make the sides of your home or building look pretty which it is but there are other purposes that it holds. Prevent Basement Flooding with Rain Barrels. But if youre looking to prevent floods you have to select the correct plants specifically designed for flood control.

Because spring is here and rain is a sure bet now is the time to consider your landscaping around your house. Prevent basement flooding during the rainy season with these landscaping tips water in can be caused by problems helping a wet 6 ways to. With a few simple maintenance tips and a keen eye you can greatly reduce your risk of flooding.

Heres how to landscape to prevent basement flooding.

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