Best Houseplants For Basement Apartment

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This plant is known for being durable and will survive despite neglect.

Best houseplants for basement apartment. To care for it properly wait for the leaves to droop slightly before. I moved into a basement apartment that needs sprucing up. Peace Lily Spathiphyllum The peace lily is an excellent choice for small apartments as it can thrive even in low-light environments.

This plant is perfect for filling a dark corner of your home. Grow lucky bamboo in water changing it every week. It can remove the air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene.

The snake plant is a welcome addition to the bedroom especially if you have more intense light coming in through your windows. My last houseplant suggestion for your basement apartment is the philodendron a sizable plant that can reach heights of 3 to 8 feet and widths of 6 feet indoors. The snake plant is a top contender for easy-to-grow houseplants.

To conclude having some of the best houseplants for low-light apartments is a good idea. Best Indoor Plants For Clean Air. 12 houseplants that can survive even the darkest corner.

Brighten up your apartment with the right houseplant. Zamioculcas zamiifolia Zee Zee Plant Not only does this houseplant grow happily in low-light areas of the home. Philodendron Spider Plant Prickly Party Collection.

Lucky bamboo Dracaena Sanderiana is yet another low light plant that will adapt well to a variety of living conditions including a tiny apartment. Hoping to find a houseplant that will take up space in your home. The plant with tiny tender leaves looks wonderful in hanging cache-pots and in flowerpots next to high plants but avoid.

Philodendrons are popular houseplants due to their ease of care and ability to add a jungle-like vibe to a space with their long green vines. Snake plant is a good addition to your basement it will enhance the beauty of the area where it is added. Some specimens can grow to be between 12 meters up to 4 meters making them a great corner piece for any living room.

Be sure to regularly dust the vines to keep them looking their best. From low light to dramatic statement pieces we have 8 great options to choose from. Suffice it to say the ZZ plant is the best houseplant for forgetful apartment dwellers.

Parlor Palm Boston Fern Ivy. It offers unique yellow-bordered leaves. Their dark green foliage and upright white blooms offer a gorgeous contrast to a home office space and bring positive energy according to Feng Shui.

Our top pick for midsized apartments is the aloe vera plant. Not only do they beautify the space but they also purify the air. Ive tried grow lights for my plants but Id rather save on the power-bill and adopt plants that do not require lots of light.

It thrives in dim indirect sunlight and can add a major sense Zen to your space quite helpful for apartments in busy cities. Best houseplants for low-light apartments will give your home a comfortable atmopshere. Best Indoor Plants To Build Confidence.

In terms of light a window that. Named for its long tall and wavy leaves this plant is ideal if you want something a little larger indoors. Some of these low-light houseplants can grow to 10 feet tall creating the perfect focal point in any room.

Pathos is hardy in USDA zones 10 through 11 and grown as a low-light houseplant in all zones. It thrives best in direct sunlight or bright light and is a pro at filtering formaldehyde from the air. This plant is hardy in USDA zones 10a through 11 and it can tolerate low light levels.

Its a great idea to spruce up your apartment with plants. The cast iron plant also known as the bar room plant is an indoor houseplant that does best in full shade. Peace lilies take well to propagation.

In this way you will give your apartment a good improvement and you will create a comfortable atmosphere. It is proved that the snake plant is added to that category of plants that help to purify the air of your living area or the place where it is kept. If you want to add greenery to the darker parts of your apartment lucky bamboo is your ideal plant.

Another appropriate vine for basements is oakleaf grape ivy Cissus rhombifolia. Plus healthy aloe vera. Spider plant Chlorophytum Comosum A popular houseplant when I was growing up these interesting plants self propagate by sending out off-shoots do well when their roots are crowded and can thrive in low light conditions.

For one thing this plant requires little light and is best kept in shady spots. This durable plant holds up well to brighter light conditions and comes in a variety of heights colors and leaf shapes says Griffin. What are the best houseplants for low light.

So far my pothos ZZ plant black cardinal cacti and monstera oddly enough are doing fine but growing slow. Although you can find both large and small specimens it will keep growing so its better for midsized spaces. The peace lily named for its singular white flower is highly adaptable and is a NASA-recognized air cleaning plant.

The bamboo palm is a true classic for low-maintenance houseplants. You can grow the philodendron in all sorts of fun ways from a hanging basket to a pot or container. You can divide them and get new plants for other dark areas in your home.

Spider plants are one of the best plants you can buy for increasing indoor humidity according to research from 2015.

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