I Keep My Dog In The Basement

They didnt lay around the house like they were part of the family. Chronic pain from arthritis injury muscle aches joint issues dental pain- all can cause your pet to withdraw and hide out.

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Its about as warm as the rest of the house.

I keep my dog in the basement. My dog has been continuesly using the basement as her bathrroom. Keeping your dog in the garage or basement. I lived in an apartment from Nov 2009 to June 2010 and just moved to the place that has a basement about three weeks ago.

They follow them around and would bark at other people whom they perceive as a threat to their closeness to their owner. They are very good companion dogs. They are loyal to their person and would do everything to stay close to them.

My dog likes it in the basement too but its definitely not cooler. You may find it needful to find another place for your dogs. Growing up we kept our dogs in the basement.

But for the 2nd part of the question yes if someone cant properly care for a dog they really should find a better home for him. Pain is another reason why your dog might keep going to the basement. When my husky got old and having digestive issues she started to use the basement as a bathroom when I wasnt home I could not crate her she destroyed all crates.

Theres no stock answer for this. Mar 9 2009. If you have a problem upstairs eg.

Our basement is finished and has heatinig. My personal recommendation and the bowl I use for my own dog is the Torus water bowl. Apr 27th 2013 439am.

There are very few days when I have come home and there has been nothing. A basement is at the far end of no good. Isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

Insulated Dog Kennels and Runs. Try your hand at a ballad. If you have a walk-out basement with windows it would work great to leave your dog at while you are at work.

Since then sick or not she has continued to use it as her bathroom. He has been doing it since I got him. I personally wouldnt keep a dog in an unfinished basement all the time as supposedly concrete is really hard on their joints.

You usually would need to give him a treat after too. Also know is it OK to keep a dog in a basement. A dog room may be one room in the basement a section of the basement or the entire area.

Building and decorating which makes it unsafe for your cat companion and if the basement is safe for a cat ie. The form uses four-line stanzas and words that rhyme at. If its a dark damp cold drafty unfinished basement Id say probably yes.

Theres a lot of stuff I dont agree with these days when it comes to how people treat their dogs but I DO believe our dogs should be socialized and be a part of our family. Then its okay to put her down there for a short time by which I mean a day or two but no more. Again it all depends on the size of the basement compared to the size of your dog as well as his level of activities.

If you spend time in that basement and the basement is pretty big –at least 1000 square feet– Id say its not cruel. Consider the dogs size personalities and activity levels. How to Keep Your Dogs Comfortable Outside.

So when your Chihuahua suddenly prefers to be in the basement it is unusual behavior. You cant lock them in a cold musty basement without access to. Feed him 2x a day at 12 hour intervals and make sure somebody takes him outside soon as he finishes eating and make sure he stays outside till hes pooped.

Once you have evaluated the area and the needs of you and your dogs and chosen the location you are ready to decorate your basement dog room. If your basement comes with solid flooring it should be fairly easy to mop wipe or wash. This will keep your dog intrigued and occupied for a long time.

I would say that if you find that medication and other things suggested here wont work see if you can find a local shelter that will try to help you re-home them while they stay in your basement. Watch him like a hawk and when he starts to hunch over stop him and escort him outside. If its a warm dry habitable space it wouldnt be any worse than keeping the dog in any other room in the house.

Maybe our dogs like the security of it. She did not start this until she got really sick one day around December and there were multiple areas in the basement where she went. It is important to use a non-spill water bowl for your dog.

I keep my hamster in my basement for the sake of having enough room however in the winter right now for instance hes upstairs in my room and I just deal with squishy space. Next offer your dog the reward only when he exhibits the exact behavior youre working toward in this case peeing in the. Its a nice open room that is smaller compared to the.

Our two dogs were never confined past about 6 months old but it does depend on the dog. When I adopted lily she picked up on that habit and believes that the. Dogs that experience difficulty and discomfort keeping up with their human owners may retreat to the basement to rest and abstain from the activity.

Its possible they wont even need a crate. The pro to having your hamster in a basement is that its. Keeping them in the basement or in a confined room can cause other problems if your dog is a barker or chewer.

I started Early Took my Dog. Some are naughtier than others. Had it tested at the vets.

To use positive reinforcement training to stop your dog from urinating on concrete patios walkways or door stops the American Kennel Club suggests finding a reward that your dog will consider to have high value like small bits of a hot dog. No no urine in the blood or a strong smell. Write a poem in which you use a different metaphor to describe an encounter with nature.

My dog was but that was because my parents locked him in the basement when he was 3-4 years old during a party. In her poem Dickinson uses a house as a metaphor to describe the sea with Mermaids in the Basement and ships in the attic. It was serious effort to coax him down there again and he NEVER let you get between him and the stairs once he was down there.

Cats are animals that need to be entertained. He peed on the carpet at the apartment and pees on the cement basement floor at my new place. No dangerous substances or cables etc.

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